India’s CAB, a step closer to self-destruction

Ajmal Khan Yousafzai
This week the Indian supremacist presented Citizenship Amendment Bill in the house which was approved with majority.  The new shift adds to the win of BJP ideology which they continue to preach, the new Natzi and Hindutva views are well known to the world. The Bill is termed total discriminatory, the Indian Muslims are targeted; their basic rights are taken away with it.
The CAB further suppresses innocent Indian Muslims as by this amendment the door to justice for them is likely to be halted permanently. But what is worse, that CAB is the loudest dog whistle by a ruling party (BJP) since Indian independence; they intended to declare Muslims as open for any form of degradation and destruction.
The hatred towards Muslims is increasing as they continue to preach their xenophobe ideology, the Hindus seems to be greatly influencedas a result the BJP goons continue to pursue the path of destruction and violations of the core Indian Constitution.
If India was anything close to a decent democracy, both Adityanath and Narendra Modi would have promptly resigned, along with their cabinets and all their political appointees, and there would be a national debate about elections, governance and change. But India is neither decent nor a democracy. What has India changed into?
Those leaders around the globe, who claim to have any commitment to human civility, should by now be calling for a change of regime, and also if the international criminal court is there to deal with international violations then they also should have initiated investigation into this critical matter. The United Nations should have barred India’s representatives from any participation in UN deliberations until they are held accountable for the new norm that leads tomore violence and suppression of innocent Muslims and other minorities.
But none of the above mentioned things happened, for reasons which could be either business or the fake propagation of democracy and so called secularism. None of the Global States or institutions seems concerned over what the future of Assam’s Muslims will be and how they will be treated in the coming days, just like the Kashmiris long been living under suppression and State terror in IOJ&K. India has long benefited from this default view of its vibrant democracy, and it continues to do so but now this needs to stop, the world needs to open eyes, and examine their deeds thoroughly.
As India is not only following a global swing to the authoritarian right, it is an innovator. The innovation which is now being tried out in India is the successful closing of the gap between procedural fascism and substantive fascism. Procedural fascism is exemplified by the scrapping of Article 370& 35A of the constitution in Kashmir, the National Register of Citizens process in Assam, the CAB and the recent Supreme Court verdict on Babri Masjid.
In each case, the executive, the judiciary and the legislature have made fascism far more respectable than it ever was in India, at the highest formal levels. At the same time, the spate of rapes, murders, burnings, lynching, and other humiliations of women, Dalits, Muslims, other minorities and especially children throughout India have raised substantive fascism to an unimaginable public level.
The line that the BJP leaders or I would say, crooks have taken leads to nowhere but the destruction of India, itself. As such methods to suppress will only result in more hatred, not just in the hearts of those using force on innocent people but in the innocent towards the suppressors. Though, the law of the Jungle seems to be prevailing in India, the harmless will become more vulnerable in the coming days. For such uncertain times in the Indian history, it would be wise for the rest of the world to step up and point out the cruel deeds of the BJP goons. This will be in a sense helpingIndian community to stop, and not go further on the path of ruins but divert towards prosperity.
– The author is a staff member of The Daily Mail.