Indians scuffle for food packets at Bihar Railway Station


DM Monitoring

New Delhi: A fierce fight broke out at the Katihar railway station between migrant workers for packets of free food being distributed. A tragic video of workers fighting for a packet of food went viral on social media.
These workers, travelling in a special Shramik train from Delhi to Purnea, had stopped mid-way at Katihar railway station. Several of them had been travelling without food for days and when the local administration arranged for free food packets, desperate workers broke into a fight to grab their share.
In the video, several men could be seen fighting and pushing each other. The man carrying the food packets was overpowered and mobbed. In a wild scramble, a few men can be seen taking what they could lay their hands on. Some stood there helplessly.
The group, desperate for their share, can be seen dragging themselves dangerously close to the train. As soon as the train began to move, some can be seen hopping back into the train.
Shubhanan Chandra, the spokesperson of Northern Frontier Railways, told NDTV, “Lunch was being distributed at Katihar. Only one person distributes food per coach. As it was taking time, some lost their patience and pounced on the food. It is very sad. We appeal to people, these are difficult times, they must be patient.”