Indian virus fatalities reach 50,000


NEW DELHI: Data from India’s health ministry showed the COVID-19 death toll in the country crossed the grim milestone of 50,000 on Monday, as the country struggles to cope with the pandemic with 900 fatalities reported over the last 24 hours.
India last week overtook Britain with the world´s fourth-highest number of deaths, behind the United States, Brazil and Mexico, and has recorded 2.6 million infections.
India´s death toll from the pandemic now stands at 50,921, an increase of 941 from the previous day, according to the health ministry´s website.
The world´s second-most populated country, home to some of the world’s biggest cities and largest slums, is already the third-most infected nation behind the US and Brazil. Many experts however say the real numbers may be far higher due to low levels of testing and because deaths are often not properly recorded in India´s chronically under-funded health system.
“Successful implementation of testing aggressively, tracking comprehensively and treating efficiently through a plethora of measures have contributed to the existing high level of recoveries,” the ministry said in a statement.–Agencies