Indian lady cop blames seniors of harassment

LUCKNOW: Even Indian lady police constables are now not safe in India, as a lady police constable has alleged sexual harassment by the seniors of her department. In a video that is making rounds on the social media, a police woman of Lucknow in her video clip is seen crying while revealing that she is being sexually harassed by her seniors. “How can I console other victims when I am not safe in my own police department? How can I even think of ensuring justice for other victims when I, a victim myself, have not got justice?” She said that the PRO of the Senior Superintendent of Police in Lucknow did not allow her to meet the officer and lodge her complaint, and alleged that the PRO was supporting the accused official. Last year in April, India’s top judge had fought off a sexual harassment storm after a former Supreme Court staff member accused him of making unwanted advances and hounding her. Chief justice RanjanGogoi said the accusations made by a 35-year-old former court assistant were “unbelievable” and an attempt to stop him hearing important cases.