Indian hackers take down SHC website

KARACHI: The official website of the Sindh High Court ( was hacked by Indian hackers here on Sunday.
Indian hackers going by the name of “Indian Cyber Troops” have hacked the website of Sindh High Court.
Several pictures were also shared on the SHC website by hackers. The contact was made with the Sindh High Court registrar to take his comment over the matter but he did not attend the call. This is not the first time that a Pakistani website has come under an Indian cyber attack.
This year in January, Indian hackers going by the name of “ICREW Hackers” hacked the website of the University of Swabi.
Last year in November, the official website of the Sindh Investment Department ( had been hacked by anonymous individuals. The hackers demanded the government to shut down all schools in the country owing to the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.–Agencies