Indian Army, BJP manage to organize drama in IoK

From David Brown and Anjali Sharma

Indian army establishment that has been exposed very badly for organizing fake terror incidents in IoK and across LoC to creat extraordinary pressure for Pakistan Army and to comprehensively sabotage the peace path that the governments at New Delhi and Islamabad are eager to follow, on Thursday managed to organize one more such episode with the evil connivance of Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) that is known for extreme anti-Pakistan views, when it managed to successfully hold a filmy style terror episode in Occupied Kashmir with BJP coming up within seconds to strongly oppose the scheduled talks for peace between Pakistani and Indian Premiers later this week in the US. BJP, while the gun battle between the so-called terrorists and the Indian troopers was still going on, as a pre-planned and premeditated move, declared the attackers being Pakistani and strongly urged the Indian Premier to call off the scheduled talks with his Pakistani counterpart, in the backdrop of the IoK terror drama.

The Daily Mail, in its edition of Friday, September 19th, 2013, published a special Investigative report titled “Indian Army out to sabotage peace again”. In the said report, it was clearly mentioned that the Indian Generals had planned to organize some new terror drama in IoK or along the LoC to sabotage the expected talks between Pakistani and Indian leaders in the US by blaming Pakistan for the planned drama. The report, which confirmed by the Indian army officials, stated that for the purpose, Indian army had rushed additional troops to the occupied valley under the garb of increasing the security measures along Line of Control to avoid any infiltration from Pakistan.


The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this drama was organized with the connivance of BJP that has already been coordinating with Indian army and has special services of Indian Military intelligence to run anti-Pakistan political campaigns that could guarantee its win in the forthcoming General elections in India that it always contested with anti-Pakistan card alone. These investigations further indicate that for the past few months, BJP is having close association with the Indian army establishment and remained comprehensively in line with the Indian army’s policies against Pakistan and used the political platforms to help the army establishment in this direction.

The security experts and clandestine world’s observers believe that the Indian army was provided the services of the members of the Saffron Brigade of RSS, the most prominent Hindu extremist outfits that is part of BJP in the political field. These experts believe that the Saffron Brigade members that were used in 26/11 terror drama when Mubai’s ATS Joint Commissioner Hemant Karkare exposed the strong nexus between Indian army and extremist Hindu outfits, mostly the subsidiaries of the BJP and Karkare investigations brought Col. Srikanth Purohit, a serving officer of the Indian Army’s Military Intelligence to the court. However, Karkare was killed for this crime while Col Purohit still enjoys life as a free man. It is worth mentioning here that the extremist Hindu outfits like saffron Brigade have suicide squads called Aatam Ghataki Pathak (AGP) who are trained to take the lives of even own people in the name of the religion and so should they not hesitate to lay own lives too.

In the Thursday’s drama, Indian Army has confirmed that it has ended its operation killing all the three terrorists who launched a deadly early-morning attack while Police ruled out the possibility of a fourth terrorist as was believed earlier.

At least nine people, including a lieutenant colonel of the Indian Army, were killed and four injured in twin terror attacks by a single Saffron Brigade’s squad in Kathua and Samba districts of Jammu region on Thursday morning.

Police sources said a suicide squad after attacking a police station in Kathua district, boarded a truck on the national highway and commandeered the driver to arrive at an Army camp in Samba district. The attackers killed five IoK Police personnel at the Kathua police station before striking the second time at 16 Cavalry in Mesar area of Samba. An Army officer identified as Lt Col Bikram Jeet Singh and two soldiers were killed in the attack.

Police sources said a group of three terrorists barged into the Hiranagar police station of Kathua district, around 60 kilometers from Jammu city, at around 06:45 hours. The gunmen fired at the police station indiscriminately, killing five cops and then fled away towards the highway.