India still unable to validate drone attack claim

By Asghar Ali Mubarak

ISLAMABAD: India blamed Pakistan for, what it called was a drone attack, at the Jammu airbase, but days have passed and it still has not been able to substantiate claims by providing any solid evidence, prompting even local media to raise questions.
Pakistan has consistently pointed out that the BJP government stages Pulwama-like “false flag” operations to malign Pakistan with terrorism-related allegations for narrow political gains.
Even without knowing the type of the device and its location, the Indian government opted to blame Pakistan but failed to respond when asked called for any shred of evidence.
Contrarily, Pakistan came up with solid evidence of Indian involvement in a bomb blast that took place in Lahore on June 23. Informing media about the arrest of the main accused, National Security Advisor Moeed Yousuf said Sunday that the mastermind of the attack belonged to India and the funding came through a third country.
The Indian media is also doubtful as to why the Modi government ignored repeated recommendations by the country’s own departments for developing drone technology and taking measures to counter such devices.
To substantiate Pakistan’s claims of it being an inhouse job, the Indian media also questioned the government why the anti-drone systems were installed after the alleged attack and not before it despite earlier recommendations. From the former air chiefs and security experts to senior media men, all are questioning the BJP-led fascist government as to why they slept over the repeated recommendations to achieve counter-drone measures.
“Once again, India has failed to be proactive where it should have. Steps should have been taken much earlier to tackle this menace,” senior journalist Snehesh Alex Philip wrote in The Print.
He said after the attack has happened, anti-drone systems and more lights had been installed. “Were we waiting for an attack to happen for things to start moving?” he questioned. An analyst Sushant Sareen said it showed as how unprepared India was in combating the modern-day challenges.
“Investigators are still not sure whether the drone was a crude, commercially available version that had been rigged to drop an explosive charge, or it was a more sophisticated drone that could fly longer distances and attack with greater accuracy,” he commented. Former Indian Air Chief S Krishnaswamy also said that regrettably, India’s own capabilities to detect drones/UAVs have not yet developed.