India spreads false reports on Galwan clash, says China


DM Monitoring

BEIJING: Indian border troops trespassed into the Chinese side of Galwan valley first and provoked the incident while Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Indian media have made some false reports about the clash, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.
It is the Indian border troops that illegally crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) first. The West section is quite clear. The Galwan Valley is on the Chinese side of LAC. One June 19, I have talked about in detail about the whole incident. The rights and wrongs of it are quite clear. The onus is not on China part, Zhao Lijian said in a statement during his regular briefing.
He said recently, clash in the Galwan Valley has attracted great attention worldwide and added, It is the Indian border troop that illegally crossed LAC first. Zhao Lijian said the West Section of the border between the two countries is quite clear. Galwan Valley is on the Chinese side of LAC and China border troops have been patrolling along this area. So it is pretty clear with local management.
Since April this year, India has been building roads and bridges unilaterally, changing the status quo about which, China made representations many times.
He said on early morning of May 6, India border troops under guise of darkness, trespassed into China territory and provoked the incident, adding, China troops had to take necessary measures to strengthen their response and their management of the border areas. The spokesperson said secondly, it is the Indian side that went against bilateral agreement and provoked first.