India scripts its own sequel of Kulbhushan episode

  • — Kidnaps an ex officer of Pakistan army from Nepal
  • — Retired Pak Army Colonel was invited by a dubious firm on internet for job interview in Nepal
  • — Lt. Col (rtd)  Muhammad Habib trapped by RAW through a  fake British firm in a pre-planned  cyber operation
  • — RAW runs its cyber headquarters from Nepal, established in Kathmandu by former agency head Vikram Sood.
  • Former RAW Chief Vikram Sood, handpicked by B Raman, formed NTRO in Nepal to target Pakistan
  • NTRO formation came as package that included RAW’s replicated headquartering in Nepal
  • — RAW enjoys history of kidnapping  innocent Pakistani from Nepal to frame them in different terror dramas
  • — Habib Ullah and Intekhab Zia, two Pakistanis were also kidnapped by RAW from Nepal and their dead bodies recovered from India later, in the decade of 90s
  • — After arrest of serving RAW officer Kulbhushan Yadev from Balochistan by Pakistani security services, RAW was constantly planning to create a counterweight for the episode.
  • — RAW soon to show Pakistani former Colonel as a  spy, trying to enter India via Nepal
  • — Delhi buzzed with hot rumor of RAW arresting a Pakistani “top Pigeon”
  • — RAW cyber headquarter in Nepal, engaged in anti-Pakistan and anti-China activities for decades with improvised techs

By Makhdoom Babar,
With additional reporting from Christina Palmer in New Delhi with Shristi Bishal and Roshan Shakya in Kathmandu

According to news emerging here in media and social media circles in Indian Capital of New Delhi, RAW is soon to claim to have arrested a serving Pakistan Army Officer with Rank, similar to the of Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadev who was on RAW attachment and arrested by Pakistan’s ISI last year. However no official claim by Indian authorities was made till the filing of this report.
On the other side, media reports indicate that during the same time bracket,  a retired Lieutenant Colonel, of Pakistan army, identified as  Col. Muhammad Habiab zahir who arrived in Nepal for a job on 6 April 2017, lost contact with his family while a police report has been lodged by the family of Officer.
The Investigations, carried out by The Daily Mail’s Investigation Cell, Lt Col Muhammad Habib  got retired from service in Pakistan Army on 31 Oct, 2014 and was employed in Rafhan Mills at Faisalabad.  However, a few months back, as the poor former army officer was searching for better opportunities to lead a better life,  he posted his resume on social media platform of  Linkidein and  a UN Website. In response to his post on the internet,  almost a month back, Some person, identifying himself as  Mr Mark Thomson from UK  with cell number 00447451203722 contacted Col. Habib through email  Id of ( Website is hosted in India) and on cellphone as well,  stating that the former Colonel had been shortlisted for a job opportunity of Vice President/Zonal Director by the firm.
These investigations further indicate that the retired officer was offered salary package of US$8500 per month and was asked to visit Kathmandu, Nepal for the interview  process on 6 April, 2017.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the said former Pak Army Officer was sent Business Class air ticket by the interviewing company, enrooting  Lahore-Oman-Kathmandu via Oman Airlines.
According to these investigations, Col. Habib travelled to Oman by flight number WY344 on 5 April 2017 and host company’s representative, introducing himself as some Javed Ansari,  received him at Oman and handed him over  mobile phone with SIM card number 009779813848689 of Nepal and the unwitting  retired army officer kept updating his family back home about these developments, out of excitement.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that is hosted in India with the name of BigRock and protection to the website was given by Privacy Protect Australia. Presently website has been closed and no data is available. Their twitter account is also closed now while the UK cell number 00447451203722 of Mr Thomposon turns out to be fake rather is an internet/ computer generated number, being used on telephone calling application.
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that Mr.Muhammad Habaib arrived  at Kathmandu airport on 6th April, 2017 and same day he left Kathmandu airport for Lumbini by Buddah Air.
According to the wife of the victim, at 1300 on 6th April, 2017 he sent a message from his cell to his wife that he has landed at Lumbini ( A municipality 5 KM away from Indian border ) safely. However, after that, there was no contact of him with his family back home in Pakistan while his cell numbers, both  Nepalese  and Pakistani are reported to be powered off.
This time bracket is the same when RAW personnel, started ‘Leaking’ the infor to the local and foreign media that a Pakistan Top Pigeon has been arrested by RAW from near Indo-Nepal border area.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that While hardcore Hindutva followers like B Raman, Ajit Kumar Doval, Sanjeev Tripathi , have constantly been delivering to cause maximum damage to Pakistan and Pakistanis, another Hindutva disciple Vikram Sood, who served for about three decades in Research and Analysis Wing ( RAW) continued to play his role in anti Pakistan activities from the platform of RAW until he retired as its Chief in 2003,.
These investigations indicate that Vikram has been very much inspired by the use of HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and TECHINT (Technical Intelligence) operations, orchestrated by the US agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security.  In one of his research articles, he writes “Easy availability of 21st century technology and means of communication have been game changers and the September 11, 2001, attack first sent shock waves in America before panic set in followed by massive retaliation. This event altered perceptions, needs and priorities especially in the West led by the US. A great deal of this change was also facilitated by abilities to make changes and by the perceptions of the threat.
The intelligence apparatus grew almost overnight. Americans quietly acquiesced to a stringent Patriot Act that curbed individual rights; a new agency Homeland Security was up and away. Personnel handling intelligence reached 210,000 by 2012 in 17 intelligence agencies in the US. Kabul alone had 700 case officers and presumably a comparable number in Islamabad.
Both the CIA and FBI grew phenomenally. The FBI has its own fleet of 132 surveillance aircraft and helicopters owned by different front companies in the US. Private American corporations increasingly collect and analyze on behalf of the US government, both in the NSA and CIA. Even special operations have been outsourced in some cases. For instance, till a few years ago, 47 private American companies were assisting 17 US agencies in developing HUMINT.
It had begun to tap into data hubs of Google and Yahoo for email data. Today 5 billion emails are downloaded every day, apart from listening into phone calls and covering all Americans. Imagine the downstream activity that would involve more technology and expertise to convert this data into information, and then knowledge and finally intelligence.
America’s enormous, mostly unacknowledged, surveillance overdrive was designed to sweep in all possible intelligence that might lead to exposure of terror links and plans. The US began watching hundreds of international companies and organizations, including in countries closely allied to the US, to discover security weaknesses in cell phone technology and exploit for surveillance. The covert operation, AURORAGOLD monitored the content of messages of more than 1,200 email accounts associated with major cell phone network operators.”
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that with both Chanakya’s ancient philosophy of deceit and conspiracies and Americans’ latest and innovative intelligence formulas, Vikram Sood established the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), a hi-tech spy wing modeled on the US National Security Agency (NSA), which is considered as one of the biggest intelligence shake-ups in India since 1968, when RAW was formed. Some reports suggest that he headquartered this NTRO Wing of RAW in Nepal to keep it out of the notice of foreign intelligence services and to keep a low profile with regard to India’s TECHINT affairs. Investigations indicate that this was the major step in RAW’s replicated headquartering in Nepal that exists till today.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that prior to embarking upon special ventures in Nepal and before transforming RAW’s Nepal set up into agency’s mini headquarters over there, Vikram Sood went through the reports of RAW, suggesting that Nepal’s King Birendra had expressed deep displeasure of growing RAW activities in Nepal and use of Nepalese soil for illegitimate operations against foreign countries by RAW.  To fix this problem forever and to convey a very strong message to all the RAW opponent in all quarters of Nepal, Vikram Sood, orchestrated a high voltage conspiracy. Under this conspiracy, RAW first honey trapped Crown Prince Dipendra through a Mumbai-based-honey bee of RAW and later through this girl, motivated Prince to kill his entire family to become King. So in June, 2001, Prince Dipendra killed his father’ the King of Nepal, along with some eight other members of the Royal family while he himself died in hospital later. After this extreme act of terror, organized by RAW, no one ever emerged from Nepal to resist any Indian activity, especially the activities of RAW and Sood as well as his successors till to date, have been enjoying smooth operational atmosphere in Nepal.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the Hindutva Brotherhood brought a, then, young and budging journalist Rishi Kumar Mishra (R K Mishra) to  B Raman, Vikram Sood, Ajit Doval and Sanjeev Tripathi Network.   It is said that all the members of the above mentioned network, used RK Mishra’s services to the maximum in their respective areas and tenures until his death in 2009.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that R K Misahra began his career as a journalist in Kolkata and worked with Vishwamitra, India’s first newspaper to be published simultaneously from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur and Patna. He also worked with Navbharat Times and Lokamanya, leading Hindi dailies of those times. He rose rapidly in the profession, and at the age of 27 became the editor of Lokamanya. He was the first Indian to become the editor of a daily newspaper at such a young age. He later on moved to Delhi to work with Patriot, English daily – where he later became the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of the group’s publications – Patriot and Link magazine. In the seventies, after Mishra was introduced to Hindutva network of Doval, Sood, Tripathy and B Raman, these publications, suddenly indelible impact on the country’s political life and wielded profound influence on decision-makers.
These investigations indicate that in the early 90s,  the above mentioned Network arranged finances to establish a think tank  with the name of the Observer  Research Foundation, where later many RAW and IB officers would get accommodated in their respective post-retirement tenures. This Think Tank was, like many others, founded through secret revenue resources, to keep retired senior RAW officers and top IB officials  at platform from where they could deliver even in the post-retirement eras. Vikram Sood, like many other ex-RAW and IB officers, is attached to this Think Tank; Observer Research Foundation till to date. From this platform, Sood has been delivering a lot to dent Pakistan and Pakistanis even after completing his official innings.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that while serving at RAW’s Pakistan Desk as Joint Secretary of Area One, and even before that, Vikram Sood used the services of RK Mishra to penetrate into Pakistani media and took this plan to new horizons after assuming duties as RAW Chief later.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the Vikram Sood’s inspiration of Chanakya’s philosophy and American style operation does not end here. In the early 2000s, when Vikram Sood was in office of RAW Chief and Ajit Doval being at the helm of affairs, first as head of Operations Wing  of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and later as its Chief , Pakistan suddenly saw of a mushroom growth in the private Telecom sector as well. A number of international cellular phone operators started operations across Pakistan with a surprising zeal and fervor. This move also had a reasonable backing of Vikram Sood’s US derived inspirations of TECHINT. Delhi had planned the operations in Pakistan through networks of terrorists and the private telecom giants were pushed in such a sudden and lucrative manner that before an appropriate system of issuance of pre-paid connections could have been devised in Pakistan, millions of SIMs had already been secured for future use in terror operators; an issue which today has emerged as a huge challenge for Pakistan in combating terror.
The Daily Mail’s indications also indicate that in that very era, the cellular giants, operating in Pakistan, suddenly started introducing unique packages for users, focusing the youth mainly. The cheapest rate packages for late night till early morning calls later crippled the youth the country in particular. This resulted into slackness of youth during studies at schools, colleges and universities while at also started hurting a lot the performances of the young professionals in the field. It has to be kept in mind that with almost the same companies operating in India as well, never offered similar packages over there. There is no similar practice in any country in the region as well while china being the world’s biggest cellular phone consumers’ country. The investigations indicate that for a handsome period of time, these cellular operators, offering cheap late night call packages, continued to be compensated in India for their losses in revenues via such practices in Pakistan. Many of these cellular giants have either been compensated via their businesses in India and others via direct financial assistances.
The Daily Mails investigations indicate that the history of kidnapping innocent Pakistani citizens by RAW from Nepal and later smuggling them into India is nothing new but a very old exercise. These investigations indicate that in the era of 90s, two young Pakistanis left for sigh seeing in Nepal and Dubai. These two Pakistanis were identified as Habib Ullah and Intekhab Zia. Just like Col. Habib, one evening both Habib Ullah and Intekhab Zia lost contact with their families while being in Nepal. After a few days, Indian intelligence the RAW  announced that it had arrested two Pakistani spies named, Habib Ullah and Intekhab Zia who died during the interrogation process. Famous Human Rights activist of Pakistan Mr. Ansar Burni later went to get the dead bodies of two tortured Pakistanis, kidnapped  by RAW from Nepal and killed in India.