India resorts to targeting China for virus spread with baseless allegations

-India’s State sponsored media returns to China bashing
-TV hosts start generating public opinion against China over Pandemic outbreak
-China’s national Flag being shown on TV screens as tainted with Coronavirus
-After US President quit saying so, Indian media starts calling the Pandemic the “China Virus”
-Chinese President’s image being shown on TV along with animations of wild bats etc
-China being dubbed as a nation with intriguing, deceiving nature and its leaders not trustworthy
-TV hosts and newspaper columnists claiming China spread the Virus worldwide to attain position of unchallengeable Super Power of the world
-File photos, old, irrelevant videos being used in farcical propagation by Indian media
-When even New York Times says Virus not originating from China, Indian media insisting it to be a Chinese move to knock US down
-Certain Indian so-called private Indian media outlets already stand exposed by international media of being Extensions of RAW

From Christina Palmer

NEW DELHI: After India has miserably failed to come out with any proper plan to ensure the public safety health and the provision of basic life amenities like food and water to its population after Indian premier announced a sudden complete lockdown on a notice of merely 4 hours which has created a chaos in the country, Indian government, in a bid to divert the public attention, wrath and anger of opposition parties, has launched multifaceted media campaigns mainly focusing on portraying China and Chinese leadership being behind the virus spread, reveal the findings of The Daily Mail’s investigations.

These findings indicate that though these motivated media campaigns, being run on behest of Indian government, also include blaming Indian Muslims being the main local source of the virus spread with in future it going to include other minorities into the fold, main focus is being put diverting the attention towards China and Chinese leadership for being the reason of the global spread of the killer virus.

One of the oldest TV Channel, that was exposed about 2 decades back as being and extension of Indian Intelligence Agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has started a unique and unprecedented campaign in this direction.

This TV Channel, in its regular transmission has started showing the images of Chinese President Xi Jinping along with animations of wild bats, making claims that COVID-19 was created at Wuhan Institute of Virology under the Chinese leadership’s instructions and was systematically spread. This is for the first time that any TV Channel across the world has not only shown the Images of Chinese President in this manner but this also for the first time that a TV Channel has shown China’s Geographical Map as tainted with Virus, using national flag’s image.


Though, a Danish publication had already done it in print media by tampering the Chinese national flag in print media but no TV Channel had ever gone that down in ethics. These Indian TV Channels are also showing file photos of President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, that otherwise is a routine matter in China as Chinese leadership continues to visit scientific research facilities for the scientific development. But the Indian media is trying to portray through these file photos as if the Chinese leadership remained personally engaged in the production of the Novel Coronavirus and its subsequent spread Worldwide.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that certain mysterious persons, on Friday provided different media organizations and social media practitioners across the World with some old videos of Chinese experts making some research on wild bats near Kunming city of Yunnan province, back in 2011 under a research project, partnered by American institutes like  University of Alabama, University of North Texas Eco Health Alliance, Harvard University, and the United States National Wildlife Federation.

The project had some US funding to support it for extensive research, to find actual origin of SARS Coronavirus. These official videos that were in US official possession for research purposes were systematically leaked to different media outlets of the World with a tip that these were discovered with regard to China’s production of COVID-19. The serious minded and research oriented media organization  were very quick to detect these videos being related to SARS research project however some paid media groups including one from the UK and many in China welcomed these ” Evidences” and started misusing  the same for China-bashing, clearly knowing that these footages had nothing to do with current virus spread.

The TV hosts of such shows continue to term China as a nation with intriguing, deceiving nature and its leaders not being trustworthy. These Indian media outlets have also started calling the COVID-19 as “China Virus, a term initially used by US President but who had to stop doing so after a global bashing for this. Very conveniently setting aside the fears that both India and US were developing with China’s successful rise as a mega power through its hilarious initiatives like Belt and Road Initiative, the BRI that had made India, US and many in the West sleepless, the Indian media is claiming that China’s opted for virus spread to become world’s unchallengeable Super Power.

India, that itself is trapped in a foreign debt of $550 billion, in such media programs claims that China was going to make Pakistan its slave by investing merely $42 billion via CPEC and that was why virus spread was not that much in Pakistan as it had already become China’s colony, without realizing that virus spread was already on the same pace in Pakistan on which it was being reported in India.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that just when the own US media has rejected the virus spread in America being originated from China and New York Times clearly publishing report, suggesting the virus had originated from Europe, Indian media is found adamant to put all blame on China, just like it has previously been blaming Pakistan for everything bad that happens in India. The New York Times had reported just a couple of days back that two separate studies show that the coronavirus outbreak in the New York City area – by far the most deadly in the US – originated from Europe, not China. It reported that researchers conducting one of the studies have detected seven separate lineages of viruses that have arrived in the New York City area and they expect to find more.

The two studies are being conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the New York University School of Medicine. Despite examining different examples of the outbreak, researchers from both teams reached largely the same conclusions about its origins. “The majority is clearly European,” Dr. Harm van Bakel, a geneticist and co-author of the Icahn School’s study, told the newspaper.

Travelers likely carrying the virus had already been arriving in New York from Europe before Jan. 31, when President Trump limited entry by foreign nationals who’d been in China and March 11, when the President announced plans to block travelers from most parts of Europe, the Times reported.

On March 19, the newspaper reported that travelers arriving from Europe – where outbreaks in Italy and Spain were severe – were being asked at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport only if they had been to China or Iran, not if they had visited the hardest-hit nations in Europe. “People were just oblivious,” Dr. Adriana Heguy of the NYU research team told the Times. Researchers need to track the history of the virus so they will be able to develop vaccines and modify them as the virus mutates into other forms, the report said.

The international analysts and observers of social sciences are seeing this Indian development as deadlier than the virus spread as they say that virus spread would be over sooner or later but the hate that the Indian government is sowing in the minds of its 1.3 billion population through its media against the neighboring 1.4 million population would have very serious implications in future.