‘India pursues oppressive designs against Kashmiris, minorities’

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday while reiterating Pakistan’s unflinching political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) for their right to self- determination, stressed upon the international community to realize the growing extremist Hindutva ideology and the persecution of Kashmiris in IOJ&K and minorities elsewhere in India.
He was addressing a seminar to mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day, titled ‘The Kashmir dispute: an unfulfilled promise’ organized by the Institute of Strategic Studies here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.
The president reiterated the demands that India should open IOJ&K by lifting the lockdown, allow movement of people and restore Internet and communication facilities, stop blaming Pakistan, and allow international media, news channels and delegations of parliamentarians from other countries to visit the occupied territory.
The Indian government should allow the United Nations Military Observer Group to report on what was happening there and take steps for immediate holding of a plebiscite under the UN Security Council resolutions, he added.
The president said India could no longer suppress the Kashmiris from demanding their inalienable and legal right to freedom.
Citing illegal and unilateral revoking of the special status of IOJ&K and the controversial India Citizenship Act, he president urged the world community to take cognizance of the dire implications of such oppressive and discriminatory designs against minorities, especially the Muslims.
Reiterating solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiri people, he said the whole Pakistani nation was standing with them and would continue highlighting the issue