India is playing with fire on LAC, says DM Chief

-Hits hard on India for betraying China twice since June
-Says China facing thwarts of the Governance failures of US President & Indian Premier
-Opines India miscalculating China’s softness on LAC frictions

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: President and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Mail Mr. Makhdoom Babar has said that by making military misadventures on Line of Actual Control (LAC), India was playing with fire and if the fire eventually erupts, it wouldn’t be possible for Indian government or its army to control it.
Speaking in a live talk show of the CMG, Makhdoom said that it was for the 2nd time this year that Indian army has been asked to engage by its government to provoke and show hostility to PLA troops on the LAC. He said that starting from June when Indian army launched a commando operation in Gawalan area of the LAC in a bid to seize the bunkers of the PLA troops on the Chinese side of the LAC but they only found themselves in thick soup with a lot of injuries, casualties and arrests of officers and soldiers by Chinese troops, they did it again on the night 29th August just to provoke Chinese troops once again by making outrageous violations of LAC.
“They are holding hegemonic designs and want to bully everybody in the region, they have been doing it for the past many years with relatively smaller neighbours like Myanmar and Nepal but once they decided to do the same with Pakistan in February 2019 they were taught an unforgettable lesson and similar lessons were taught again when they tried to do the same with China in July 2020.Although Pakistan retaliated with utmost resilience in response to their aggression shown in Balakot, China however showed a softer response in Galwan” asserted Makhdoom Babar. He further said that on one side India was being partner in crime with the Americans by dancing to Washington’s tunes as part of China containment policy while on the other side Delhi was aiming to divert focus from the leadership failures in their internal matters by creating frictions at LAC.
“Actually what is happening to China is that it is facing thwarts of the governance failures of two world leaders who are Donald Trump of United States and Narinder Modi of India. Both Trump and Modi need their public’s focus diverted from internal failures to international issues and for this purpose apparently, both have agreed to take China as a target. Donald Trump has completely failed to address internal violence and economic collapse then India’s Modi is facing the same dilemma thus, one is getting hostile at South China Sea and the other at LAC. But for India it must be noted that they simply cannot afford to mess with a power like China neither militarily nor financially. Official statistics of the Indian government show that India’s GDP in the second quarter of 2020 tumbled by 23.9%, investment in India collapsed by 47% while the household consumption dropped by 27%. With this state affair only a mentally unstable leader can think of going for a military misadventure and that too with such a mega powerful neighbour.” said Makhdoom Babar.
He opined that India was miscalculating and misjudging the patience and sanity shown by the leadership at Beijing and Delhi was misunderstanding Beijing’s desire for peace as a sign of weakness, a mistake that could cost India significantly. I can’t understand that when Indian Prime Minister, addressing his nation after the Galwan incident clearly said that Chinese troops never moved an inch into the Indian territory, meaning that whatever the PLA troops were claiming were Chinese territories then what was the reason of engaging in such conflicts by the Indian Troops.
Similarly, in the recent episode, Beijing has clearly stated that it respected the sanctity of LAC and its troops never violated it then what was the fuss about on part of India? I must elaborate here that at both Galwan and east Ladakh episode Chinese side was already engaged in a dialogue with Indians at the field commander levels but they were ditched and deceived at both the occasions. It clearly proves that China is following a path of peace and tranquility while Indians are opting aggression and aggression only, concluded Makhdoom Babar.