India hurts itself with border belligerence

BEIJING: India’s current neighborhood policies, especially the ones concerning China and Pakistan, has plunged the country into an unfavorable situation.
Apart from disputes with China and Pakistan, India also has border disputes with other neighboring countries, such as Nepal. The Indian army might boast that it is fully prepared for a two and a half front war-against China, Pakistan and the internal security threats it’s as a matter of fact not capable of meeting such a challenge.
A multi-front war is a great challenge for any country, according to an article published by Global Times, a Chinese daily tabloid newspaper on Tuesday. In a bid to enhance its military capability, India is purchasing advanced weaponry from Russia and Western countries. New Delhi is also trying to win support from the international community, especially Western countries. In recent years, India has moved closer to the US, engaging in increasing military cooperation and signing more military pacts with the US and its allies.
However, these measures will not meet India’s expectations in dealing with China and Pakistan at the same time. If India were to wage massive armed clashes or even war with China and Pakistan simultaneously, no country would likely help India apart from conditionally providing some weaponry.
Why can’t India develop positive and friendly relations with its neighboring countries? India has a great power mentality. It regards itself as a hegemon in South Asia and believes all neighboring countries should follow its lead. Several factors contribute to its negative relations with China. First, its failure in the China-India border war of 1962 has been seen as a burning shame of Indians. Second, China has a close relationship with India’s foe Pakistan.
–The Daily Mail-Global Times news exchange item