Imran executed in Saudi Arabia for smuggling heroin: ANF

By Shakeel Ahmed

RAWALPINDI: Saudi Arabia has executed a Pakistani man for smuggling heroin, said the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF).

Imran Haider, son of Ghulam Hussain, who travelled from Sialkot to Jeddah on Dec 12, 2013, was caught by the Saudi police for possessing 500 grams of heroin.

The case was finalised recently in which Imran was sentenced to death. The punishment for carrying drugs — even in a small quantity — in Saudi Arabia is death.

Earlier, the ANF seized 56.180kg of narcotics worth Rs174.74 million, arrested 16 culprits, including three women, and impounded three vehicles. The seized drugs included 46.200kg of hashish, 7.650kg of heroin, 3,025 Xanax tablets and 1.940kg Amphetamine (Ice).

The ANF conducted 15 counter-narcotic strikes in two weeks.

It arrested a resident of Hangu from the Islamabad International Airport’s parking area and recovered 5kg of hashish from his possession.

The ANF recovered 6kg of hashish near Kamra Bus Stop, GT Road in Attock from a resident of Upper Dir.

It arrested a resident of Peshawar after recovering 14.4kg of hashish from his car near Golra Morr, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad.

The ANF arrested another resident of Peshawar after recovering 2.4kg of hashish from his possession near Motorway M-I in tehsil Hassan Abdal of district Attock.