Immersive picture book exhibition opens in Beijing

Beijing: The sixth Beijing International Book Fair Picture Book Exhibition, one part of the city’s global book event, opened on Thursday.
An attraction to many audience members during the book fair, the exhibition will be extended till the end of December, even though the Beijing International Book Fair, which took place online, had wrapped up on Wednesday.
Harry Potter, Star Wars and Disney princesses are among the featured themes for the relevant picture book collections presented in the exhibition. To make it more interactive for readers, the exhibition offers immersive experiences, such as a jungle adventure.
The multilingual picture books are classified in 10 areas of the 600-square meter two-story exhibition space.
“Picture books in various languages won’t pose many obstacles for young readers. We hope they would open up new cultural journeys for the young and bring the world to them, to see and understand different cultures,” the organizers said. – The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item