IMF asks govt to seek assets details of all public servants

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Thursday demanded the government ask government officials and other government employees to disclose their assets.
According to details, the IMF had also asked Pakistan to introduce amendments to the laws governing the assets of public servants.
Furthermore, the Fund had asked the government to also disclose the assets the bureaucrat held overseas.
It had also been demanded from the government, sources disclosed, to make government servants, of grades between 17 and 22, bound to disclose details of their assets before opening their bank accounts.
They further said that three years ago, too, the government officials had been asked to give details of their assets, but it later emerged that the assets of most of the senior officers had not been registered with the Federal Board of Revenue.
As per reports the properties owned not only by the local bodies’ (LB) officials in Karachi but also by some ordinary LB employees were unbelievingly large.
Furthermore, reports added, some of the bureaucrats arrested by the National Accountability Bureau had so many assets that it did not appear that they were government servants.
Some government officials by misusing their authority had now become multi-billionaires.
Last time, when the exercise had been carried out, there were some government officials who had given complete details of their properties. These officers say now their those colleagues should worry, who had amassed huge assets by hook or crook, while they themselves had nothing to worry about since they had not indulged in any financial malpractice. These officers further said that if corrupt officers were put under the scanner and looted wealth was recovered from them, the country would rid itself of more than half of its loan.