I do not have desire for power: Bilawal

UCH SHARIF: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said that he does not have desire for power but wants to provide rights to the poor.

Addressing a rally here, Bilawal said he is not competing with any individual or political organisation but rather with poverty, injustice and societal injustice.
He also announced to distribute food cards among the poor.
Responding to criticism by political opponents, Bilawal said the PPP created a number of jobs and was still being criticised for not constructing a metro project.
“Masses should decided whether they want more jobs or metro,” he said.

Bilawal’s convoy stopped by Punjab police

Bilawal’s convoy was briefly stopped by Punjab police when it was on its way to the rally venue. According to police, the convoy made a stop at a shrine which was not mentioned in the route plan.
PPP leaders slammed the police for stopping the convoy and called the act discriminatory.