Humanity bleeding to death in Indian-held Kashmir: Foreign Minister

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that humanity is bleeding in the Indian-held Kashmir as not a single action was taken against the people involved in the state-sponsored murders, torture and rape.

Speaking in International Kashmir Conference, the foreign minister said that it’s encouraging to note such large support for Kashmir cause in the United Kingdom by all parties’ parliamentary group.

“Worst human rights abuses being perpetrated by India just because Kashmiris want right of self-determination, we are here to express support to Kashmiris and all those who love freedom against Indian oppression,” he said.

Qureshi said that humanity is bleeding in Kashmir, people are distressed, life is extremely difficult with each passing day. Rape, murder, killings, and grievous injuries are daily occurrences.

“The reality of Indian occupation is a frightening reality. Kashmiris are alien to the Indian state. Kashmiris want to be the masters of their own destiny,” he said, “India is showing callousness to human rights but claims to be the world’s largest democracy.”