Huge incentives for girls through EES, says Sania

By Hina Kiyani

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection, Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar Wednesday said the Ehsaas Education Stipends program, with higher incentive for girls, will encourage parents to send their children, particularly girls to schools.
The SAPM was briefing the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, on the countrywide launch of Ehsaas Education Stipends for primary, secondary, and higher secondary education, after the formal launch of the program.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sania said that the one-time Ehsaas graduation bonus of Rs. 3,000 is part of Ehsaas School Stipend program to encourage girls to complete primary education.
Briefing the PM on newly rolled out education CCT under Ehsaas, Dr. Sania said, “Primary school children are provided Ehsaas Education Stipends of Rs. 1,500 for boy child and Rs. 2,000 per quarter for girl child. Secondary school children is granted Ehsaas Education Stipends of Rs. 2,500 for boys and Rs. 3,000 per quarter for girls. Students of higher secondary level are given Rs. 3,500 for boys and Rs. 4,000 per quarter for girls. She said this award is being given to girl students completing Grade 5 from Ehsaas eligible families. The graduation bonus has been designed to encourage girls’ education till secondary level. The program is operational nationwide in 160 districts. MOUs have been signed with all provinces and federating units to ensure their collaboration, since they are responsible for supply side matters (quality of schools) in this program.
Payments to beneficiaries are made through the new fully biometric payment system, with markedly improved features Under the nationwide Ehsaas Education Stipends program, students aged 4-22 years of all Ehsaas beneficiary families are eligible to get education stipends.