Hu stresses efforts to eliminate poverty


KUNMING: Vice Premier Hu Chunhua has called for greater efforts to ensure that all poverty-stricken rural residents and counties will be lifted out of poverty under the current standards. Hu, also chief of the State Council leading group of poverty alleviation and development, made the remarks Saturday while addressing a symposium held in Nujiang, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. While declaring the start of the work to secure a decisive victory in the battle against poverty, Hu stressed the importance of adopting targeted and effective measures in the poverty eradication to overcome difficulties so as to make sure the poverty relief goals are met on time, and poverty is eradicated at village and county levels. He also emphasized the need to carry out and strengthen support for poverty-stricken areas with a long-term perspective, saying that efforts should also be made to support industrial development and stabilize employment in poverty-stricken areas. – The Daily Mail-Global Times News exchange item