How murder of Iranian commander connected to HK


Hong Kong rioters would like to believe that they are unique, and that the West has handpicked them — them alone — for what it identifies as the “noble fight for democracy”, and for “Western values”. The problem is that Hong Kong, which likes to promote itself as “Asia’s World City” — at least that is what the advertisements and billboards used to shout, till recently — is actually very far from being global, cosmopolitan, or internationalist. Hong Kong is a Chinese, Cantonese city, but one which is still under tremendous influence of Western/British propaganda, dispersed though mass media outlets, social media, as well as education. Itself a former colony, Hong Kong has been conditioned not to sympathize with the plight of countries that are until now being colonized by the West and its allies. There are a great number of nations still being brutalized by Western neo-colonialism, in all parts of the world, but many in Hong Kong don’t seem to be noticing it. Countless young Hong Kong inhabitants like to perceive themselves as members of the “elite” club of the “rulers of the world”, as those who are close to potentates in London, Washington or Tokyo. And they ignore, often even despise, those that form the great majority of people living on our planet — the wretched, humiliated and exploited. I don’t say it only theoretically. I have spoken to the “rebellious” Hong Kong people, for years. Their lack of knowledge regarding Western imperialism and the horrors it is spreading, worldwide, is remarkable. They do not even know much about British colonialism, or, concretely, about what the United Kingdom did in order to damage, humiliate and weaken China. While the young people of Hong Kong know close to nothing about the genocides committed by the UK and other Western countries, they repeat, again and again, all mass-produced propaganda fabrications about the People’s Republic of China and its Communist Party. China, which is clearly the most peaceful large country on earth; China, which has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, is demonized and smeared, by British and North American propaganda; by those countries that have been actually murdering millions, in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. All that, while the young people of Hong Kong are playing North American and British national anthems, waving their flags, and inviting them to re-invade and “liberate” their city “from China” — meaning from themselves.In Hong Kong, many young people see countries that are fighting against Western imperialism — Russia, the PRC, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, to name just a few — as some sinister freaks, as dictatorships, and as “anti-democratic” entities. It is because they know very little about them, and even about their own country — China — which they have become accustomed to observing through the dark nihilist lenses, supplied by the West. They were told that to support communism, socialism, or even anti-imperialist forces, is “uncool” and unfashionable in the 21st century. And they listen to such nonsense; they so desperately want to be “cool”. In fact, to many of them it is all that really matters. They have fully adopted Western selfishness, individualism, and “me-me” worldview. Now, they read about the murder of the great Iranian commander, General Qassem Soleimani. He was assassinated, in fact extrajudicially executed, against all international laws and norms, by the US military, on the direct orders of US President Donald Trump. General Soleimani fought against terrorism and helped to destroy ISIS. He was defending the Middle East against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization implants, be they terrorist cells, or ethnic groups that have been trained by those cells. What are Hong Kong “pro-democracy” activists going to say now? This is their game. By taking dictates from the West, they should be held responsible for the international actions of their handlers. They should be asked, squarely: “Is it justifiable to kill a man — in fact, the second most important man in a country which, like China, has never attacked anybody, in the entire modern history? Could it be tolerated? Is this what you call ‘democracy’?”In just the last month, the West has overthrown genuine democracy in Bolivia, enslaving, once again, millions of indigenous people. It has continued starving tens of millions. The Daily Mail-China Daily News Exchange ItemOPINION