Hospital’s VIP room declared sub jail for Sharif

By Ajmal Khan

LAHORE: The VIP room of Services Hospital has been declared a sub-jail for former incarcerated prime minister Nawaz Sharif, as the corruption culprit is currently under treatment at the medical facility.
As per details, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday stated that the room would be a sub-jail for Nawaz Sharif. A heavy contingent of police will remain deployed outside the hospital until the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) supremo gets well.
Except for doctors, no one is allowed to meet the former premier.
A medical board headed by Prof. Mahmood Ayaz will conduct various tests of Nawaz Sharif who was shifted at Services Hospital on Monday night due to a low count of platelets.
Prof. Mahmood Ayaz and a team of doctors had conducted an initial examination of Sharif after his admission at the hospital.
Talking to journalists, Dr Mahmood Ayaz earlier said that Nawaz Sharif’s platelet count was low from the normal range and added that it could be happened owing to scores of reasons. He said that platelet count could fall due to excessive use of medicines.
Later, a NAB spokesperson told journalists that Nawaz Sharif’s health was better and added that he was tested negative for the mosquito-borne disease dengue.