Hospital attack kills at least 14 in Ukraine

KYIV: Russia accused the Ukrainian military of deliberately attacking a hospital in a Russian-held area of eastern Ukraine in what it said was a war crime that killed 14 people and wounded 24 patients and medical staff.
There was no immediate response to the allegations from Ukraine on Saturday. The attack hit a hospital in the Russian-held settlement of Novoaidar and was carried out using a US-supplied HIMARS rocket launch system, the Russian defence ministry said in a statement.
“A deliberate missile strike against a known functioning civilian medical facility is without doubt a serious war crime by the Kyiv regime,” it said. “All those involved in the planning and execution of this crime will be found and held accountable.”
Civilian and military medics had been working in the hospital for many months treating local people and soldiers, it said. Ukraine and its Western allies have accused Russian forces of frequent war crimes in the conflict in which thousands of civilians have been killed and cities and towns reduced to rubble by artillery and air raids. Russia denies targeting civilians.
Meanwhile, three people were killed and more than a dozen others wounded following a Russian attack on the city of Konstantynivka in eastern Ukraine, the local governor said on Saturday.
“The Russians fired at a residential neighbourhood, damaged four multi-story buildings, a hotel, garages and civilian cars,” Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said on social media. –Agencies