Horrific gang-rape case shakes India

GURGAON: A horrific gang-rape incident has shaken up India and triggered intense media frenzy in the country after it became public knowledge that the victim traveled all the way to a hospital in Delhi in a metro with her dead child in her arms. 

A 23-year-old Indian woman was subjected to unspeakable brutality when she was gang-raped and her infant was killed by the ruffians. She then traveled to two hospitals with her dead child in her arms in a desperate bid to save its life.

According to details, the ghastly incident took place when two passengers and the driver of a rickshaw raped an Indian woman. The woman was sharing a ride with the two passengers of the rickshaw when they flung her baby daughter out of the vehicle and raped her.

The helpless woman was on her way to her parents’ house when she was raped. After the rickshaw driver and the two men fled, she picked up her motionless daughter from the road and took her to a hospital in Gurgaon.

Upon arriving at the hospital, she was told that her daughter had died. The woman did not believe the doctors there and took her infant daughter to another hospital in Delhi via the metro. There, she was again told that her daughter had died. Her husband then picked her up from a metro station.

Sketches of the three rapists have been released and Gurgaon police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar appealed to the public to come forward with additional information.

“Her husband and the Gurgaon police received the victim from the MG Road metro station after she returned from hospital in Delhi. The police conducted a post-mortem of the infant,” Mr Khirwar said.

Police claim that the woman was raped for four hours before she was dumped on the road. Over 50 rickshaw drivers have been quizzed and owing to the growing media frenzy surrounding the incident, a special investigation team has been formed to bring to book those who were involved.