HK Security law not a toothless tiger


HONG KONG: Hong Kong media reported that the Standing Committee of China’s top legislature passed the national security law for Hong Kong Tuesday morning. The law will be effective from July 1, Wednesday.
Wednesday was also the 23rd anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. The law will end the wanton interference into Hong Kong affairs by foreign forces such as the US. Some extremists in Hong Kong who have betrayed the city and the country will no longer be able to skip away from legal punishment. Some people call this new law marks Hong Kong’s second return. I think this is an apt description. This is indeed a historic juncture.
Also on Tuesday morning, Joshua Wong announced his withdrawal from the “Demosistō”, the secessionist group he established. Another two founders, Nathan Law and Agnes Chow, also announced to quit following Wong. The group disbanded Tuesday afternoon. Another secessionist group, the Hong Kong National Front, announced it would dismiss all Hong Kong members on Tuesday. This is the latest sign that these forces that sell Hong Kong and sell the country truly feel the deterrence of the national security law. There are only a few hours left for them to pull themselves back before it is too late.
– The Daily Mail-Global Times News exchange item