Here come the Factual Xinjiang Papers (Part-I)

Xinjiang begins to blossom again with peace and stability

By Makhdoom Babar
President & Editor-in-Chief
For the past many weeks, toeing the official stance of the US government, based on China containment policy, certain sections of the Western Media have been propagating against China on the basis of certain dubious documents, terming those suspicious papers as the Xinjiang Papers whereas they could never prove by any standards that the documents were actually some official papers, belonging to the Chinese government. With fabricated heap of trash, these media outlets started a motivated campaign to portray Chinese government as an Administration that has unleashed hell over the Muslim minority in its ambit. After setting this theme by its embedded media partners, the Trump Administration orchestrated a move at the Capitol Hills and got a controversial legislation passed from the US House, naming it as a Bill in supports of Uighur Muslims of China.

Young Uyghur girls dancing on the tunes of folk songs in the Grand Bazar, the hub of Muslim traders in Urumqi.

To bring facts to the global community and to bring the Actual and Factual Xinjiang Papers to light for those readers who only opt to read the facts and not political propagations, The Daily Mail has decided to start a series of news reports and articles, based on the On-Ground reporting, in presence of independent members of reputed media members from different parts of the world. And we call these reports The Factual Xinjiang Papers. Here is the first part of The Factual Xinjiang Papers for our valued Readers.
A young Uyghur girl presenting famous Xinjiang cap to President Xi Jinping, in a hand woven carpet painting

Once a violence gripped part of China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, a historic part of the country, full of cultural heritage and social diversity, enriched with flowers, fruits and vegetables and having a comprehensive inter-faith harmony environment, Xingjian has started to blossom fully again and the life from Urumqi to Kashgar and from Altai to Kanas has once again worn attractive colours with people intoxicated with love, happiness and harmony. This scribe was part of an international delegation that visited Xinjinag recently, with Xinjiang Foreign Office officials being the hosts. The delegation was thrilled to travel deep down in the naturally mysterious land of Xinjiang and to see the facts that were distortedly told to them by Western Media sources and certain Western governments’ propaganda machineries to twist arm of China for its leadership’s vision about development through Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
A selfi of the author with Muslim Deputy Commissioner of Kashgar Prefecture at Old City Kashgar

The visit of the delegation, comprising journalists, intellectuals and religious scholars and clerics, to Kashgar, itself was a crystal clear proof that the Chinese government had nothing to hide from foreigners or foreign media but instead they had a lot to show with pride and honor. Upon reaching Kashgar, the delegation was very pleasantly surprised that to receive them at the airport was an elegant lady who was the top official, in fact Deputy Commissioner of Kashgar Prefecture.
Uyghur residents welcoming the local and the foreign tourists to Old City premises in a traditional way

Being a lady a Deputy Commissioner of a Prefecture in China was obviously not a matter of surprise but what surprised them was that the lady Deputy Commissioner was from the Muslim Ethnic minority of the area. After listening to the Western propaganda that only depicted that Xinjiang had been turned into a hell for Muslims by Chinese authorities, no one was expecting that the Western Propaganda will start to get exposed as a fizz right in the beginning.
Muslim clerics from Pakistan’s different schools of thoughts enjoying moments with a Muslim shopkeeper

The first expression on the faces of all the delegations members was a clear but pleasant surprise. The Muslim Deputy Commissioner took the delegation to the Kashgar Old City that actually comprises business outlets and residences of Uyghur Muslim ethnic group. The way these Uyghurs had been provided with the new accommodations and shops by the local authorities as the previous ancient Kashgar city had caved in, one was touched with the approach of Chinese government to give maximum possible facilities to all citizens on the basis of equality, irrespective of their ethnicity or religious faith following.
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