Hania Aamir shares engagement plans


By Abid Usman

Hania Aamir is a gorgeous and extremely hardworking & talented Pakistani film and television actress. The actress has a substantial fan following and she’s admired by millions of her fans. Her fans wish to see her on screen. Her new hit dramas are a proof that she’s one of most watched and adored actresses in Pakistan.

Recently, she appeared in a show. In the show she revealed her plans about engagement, she told that why is she not getting engaged or getting married. Talking about it she replied, “I don’t know, I think I am not finding anyone right now”.

The host also asked that how would a person reach to her, if he loves her, to which, Hania replied, “I am very direct, I am an open person, whenever I will be in love, my fans would definitely come to know, so yeah, they will come to know”. It is indeed a good news for that fans that Hania would let them know if anyone one special will come in her life.