‘Half of UK asylum seekers facing Rwanda deportation are married’

LONDON: Almost half of asylum seekers in the UK facing deportation to Rwanda are married, including a significant number from Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, The Guardian reported.
More than one-fifth also have children, the survey by charity Care4Calais found. The study was published by charity coalition Together With Refugees, a group of more than 500 British organizations. More than 80 percent of asylum seekers questioned in the survey — who are facing removal to Rwanda under government plans — hail from countries that the UK recognizes as legitimate refugee sources.
At least 82 percent of respondents from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria — who made up 72 percent of the survey sample — have successful asylum applications in the UK but are still facing deportation.
Two-thirds of those sampled claimed asylum on account of being victims of modern slavery or torture.
A poll released by analytics firm YouGov found that just 10 percent of the British public view the Rwanda plan as a viable strategy to deal with the UK’s migrant crisis.
Together With Refugees spokesperson and Safe Passage chief executive officer, Beth Gardiner-Smith, said: “This scheme is not just morally wrong; it’s expensive and unworkable.
“If our government were serious about tackling smuggling and saving lives at sea, they would scrap this plan and urgently expand safe routes for refugees.”
Care4Calais founder, Clare Moseley, said: “This brutal policy will not end small-boat crossings, it won’t stop people smugglers, and it won’t keep refugees safe. “There is a kinder and more effective option: Give safe passage to refugees in Calais.”
A British Home Office spokesperson said: “Everyone in scope for relocation to Rwanda will be individually assessed, and no one will be relocated if it is unsafe or inappropriate for them. –Agencies