Hail on Margallas expected

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Record-breaking temperatures for this season are expected across Pakistan as the country braces for a severe cold wave due to harsh Siberian winds heading its way.
According to Pak Weather, Pakistan’s largest automated weather station network, Murree is expected to receive heavy snowfall between 10 and 14 January.
Due to close proximity to the hill station, Islamabad’s Margalla Hills are also expected to receive snowfall, causing the temperature in the federal capital to drop below freezing point.
Besides this, Karachi is expected to have significantly low temperatures between 12 and 16 January. Northern parts of the provincial capital can experience temperatures between 4-6°C.
The temperatures in central parts of Karachi are expected to remain between 7-9 °C while Southern parts of the city are expected to record temperatures between 10-13°C.
This will be one of the lowest temperatures in Karachi in several decades.
The lowest temperature ever witnessed in Karachi is 0°C that was recorded during the 1940s.