Gwadar Police arrest leader of Haq Do Tehrik

QUETTA: Gwadar police on Friday arrested Haq Do Tehreek (HDT) leader Maulana Hidayatur Rehman after he showed up at a local court — four days after he announced that he was heading to Gwadar to surrender.
A heavy police contingent was present at the court today to arrest Rehman over charges stemming from the killing of a policeman by unidentified as-sailants on Dec 27, 2022 during the recent protests held by HDT supporters.
According to police spokesperson Aslam Khan, constable Yasir was shot in the neck after violence erupted during the protest at Hashmi Chowk. “He passed away on the spot.”
Balo­chistan Home Minister Ziaullah Langove had later directed the province’s police to register a case against Rehman.
It emerged on Jan 2 that the police had registered a first information report (FIR) against Rehman on charges of mur-der, attempt to murder, provok-ing the people for violence and other charges.
The FIR was registered on Dec 30, 2022 and names three other people along with Rehman as responsible for the al-leged charges. It claims that Rehman “provoked and incited the people sitting there

(at the protest site) to pelt stones at government vehicles”, which allegedly re-sulted in the “shattering of car windows” of a police officer along with other losses.

Other HDT leaders, including Hussain Wadila, Yaqoob Joski and Sharif Miandad, were arrested and moved to Quetta from Turbat jail on Jan 4 for further interrogation.

The protests, which turned violent and resulted in arrests of almost 100 people, were part of demonstrations being held in the city for nearly two months now.

Their demands include an end to illegal trawling in Gwadar’s water, a high number of security checkpoints and the opening up of trade on the Pak-Iran border. –Agencies