Gwadar Pakistan-China Football Match warms local hearts

GWADAR: Opening up a new era of cementing the people-to-people bond between China and Pakistan and promoting local games in Gwadar, the 1st “Pak-China Friendly Football Match” was held at Futsal Football ground alongside Marine Drive that runs with bustling beach of Gwadar.
Fascinated and thrilled by local spectators, the Pak-China Friendly Football Match was organized in connection with commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the establishment of Pak-China diplomatic relations under the auspice of Chinese Embassy Islamabad and in collaboration with Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) and District Football Association (DFA), Gwadar.
In the front to the enchanting sea of Gwadar that spells unimaginable vibrancy, Futsal football ground where Pak-China Friendly Football Match marked a new chapter of Pak-China romanticism took everybody by storm.
Seemingly it rocked due to its natural mesmerizing features like Gwadar beach at one side and beautiful mountain at the other side coupled with huge public response.
It reminded people an iconic sensation “Gwadar cricket stadium” that gained whopping fame at national and international level. Among Gwadar highlights, Fustal football ground has now emerged as testament of genesis of Pak-China people-to-people bond in Gwadar. –Agencies