Graphene face mask developed for 48-hour use

EIJING: researchers have developed a new type of face mask with graphene material on the key filter layer, according to the Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC).
Researchers devised an innovative application by putting the graphene-polypropylene material on the melt-blown fabric, which is the key filter layer of masks, according to the AECC.
The graphene face mask is developed by the AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (AECC BIAM), a comprehensive research institute which is oriented to advanced aeronautical materials.
Graphene is a popular two-dimensional nanomaterial with promising prospects in the aerospace, energy and biological medicine industries.
Benefiting from the application of the graphene material, the mask features stronger antibacterial properties, better air permeability and enhanced durability.
The graphene face mask makes use of the nanoknife effect of the graphene material to destroy the cell wall of bacteria.
Compared with the melt-blown fabric used in traditional face masks, the new layer of graphene-polypropylene material has the function of one-way permeability, which makes the mask more comfortable for users.
The new mask is capable of lasting more than 48 hours, far longer than traditional models. – Agencies