Govt urged to provide relief for masses

LAHORE: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Senator Sirajul Haq has lambasted the government over up to 106 percent increase in the rate of petroleum development levy.
Addressing a leadership training workshop of the general council of the National Labor Federation at Mansoora, Sirajul Haq demanded the government to immediately withdraw the tax to provide relief to the people.
He said the prices of the petroleum products witnessed a record decline in the international market but the government instead of passing the relief to the public imposed heavy levy on the POL products. He said it had been expected that the petroleum prices went down by Rs20 per liter after decrease in international prices. But, he regretted, the rulers took it as an opportunity to earn Rs10 billion per month instead of providing relief to already inflation hit people.
The JI chief said that the labourers were the main victims of the government policy as they were unable to meet their both ends in the prevailing situation. The earning opportunities, he said, vanished from the market and thousands lost their jobs in past few months.– Agencies