Govt urged to announce relief package for lawyers too


Staff Report

Islamabad: Imtiaz Nematullah Zaheer, Chairman, Khidmat Khalq Foundation International, expressed his views on the current lockdown and said that no assistance or package has been provided to the lawyers as the poor working class people in the province have been affected. In a press statement, he said that apart from senior and junior lawyers, typing and drug workers are also entitled to assistance and government package in this difficult time. They also have children and families who used to get household expenses and necessities through them.
The series has started with other poor people of the province I appeal to the Chief Secretary, Chief Minister, Corcommander, Governor and Chief Justice of Balochistan to come up with a package or financial assistance for these people at the government level so that they can bring relief to these lawyers.
He further appealed to the Prime Minister at the federal level to take steps to help save human lives for the sake of sympathy with lawyers across the country and lawyers at the level of our province of Balochistan. Take support measures for this and also help this class of people across the country Cooperate because lawyers are also an important member of our society who solve problems by running fast in the service of the people day and night, so at the provincial level, Balochistan’s Chief Secretary-Governor Corcommander, Chief Minister and Chief Justice must.
There is a need for action. In addition, there is an appeal from the government to take special measures for the lawyers who are at the federal level so that our national assets and other people associated with this sector do not feel any grief and help and support them in time. It is the duty of the government.