Govt to turn code on inter-sect unity into law, says Qibla

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology Dr. Qibla Ayaz on Sunday has said that federal ministries of law and religious affairs have initiated work to make the code of conduct for inter-sect harmony into a law.
The code of conduct was issued at the recently held Paigham-i-Pakistan conference, which was organised by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII). Religious leaders belonging to all mainstream schools of religious thought had endorsed a 20-point ‘code of conduct’ in the conference to promote inter-sect harmony and end sectarian discord in the country.
Chairman CII said that the 20-point code of conduct forbids armed struggle against the state, prohibits suicide attacks and declaring someone infidel. Any person or group could not issue a verdict of infidelity against any group or individual.