Govt to form CPEC Authority


To push pace of projects

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: For expediting the delayed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, the federal government has decided to constitute a 10-member CPEC Authority through a rushed presidential ordinance.
On Monday, the government has forwarded a draft to the president for approval and the decision has been taken in rush as no sessions of the National Assembly (NA) and Senate are being held.
Sources familiar with the matter told the media that the ordinance would be applicable across Pakistan and the office of the authority will be established in Islamabad.
Prime Minister Imran Khan will appoint the chairperson, executive directors and members of the authority for a period of four years.
The chief executive of the authority will be a government officer of grade-20.
According to the draft, the authority will determine ways to enhance cooperation between Pakistan and China in diverse sectors
Authority will play an active role for effective communication between the Joint Cooperation Committee and the Joint Working Group, and enhance coordination
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between provinces and ministries.
Furthermore, any decision regarding the projects will be taken by approval of majority of the members and none of the beneficiaries of the CPEC projects will be a member of the authority.
Importantly, the CPEC Authority will operate in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Pakistan and China.
The authority will be compelled to submit a financial report of the projects to the prime minister on annual basis, and will be liable to seek any details of the projects.
Moreover, the government will allocate budget for the CPEC and it will be empowered to appoint employees and officers working for the projects.
According to rules, it will establish a business council that will guide the authority in achieving its set goals.
The authority, with the approval of the prime minister, will be authorised to formulate new rules and regulations, and will work closely with the ministry of planning. Federal Government has decided to bring an ordinance to establish the proposed CPEC Authority, media reported on Monday.
The text of the proposed law for the authority has been prepared and forwarded to the President of Pakistan for his approval, sources said.
The government has decided to issue an ordinance as both the houses of the Parliament, the National Assembly and the Senate, were not in session.
The CPEC Authority ordinance will come into force on the entire country. The authority will comprise of 10 members.
According to the text of the ordinance, the Prime Minister will appoint the chairperson, executive directors and members of the CPEC authority for a tenure of four years.
The chief executive of the proposed authority will be a Grade-20 government officer.
The CPEC body having office in the federal capital, will determine further cooperation between Pakistan and China in various sectors. It will also coordinate in the Joint Working Group, according to the text of the legislation.
The body will also coordinate between provinces and ministries for the CPEC projects.
The authority will take decisions with the majority of the members, the text said.
The body will work in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between Pakistan and China.
The CPEC Authority will establish the CPEC Business Council as per the rules and the Council will extend its guidance to the authority for achieving objectives of the body.
The authority, which will work in coordination with the Ministry of Planning, will be authorized to formulate further rules with the approval of the prime minister, according to the text of the proposed legislation.
It is to mention here that Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Khusro Bakhtyar in a press conference on Sunday, said that CPEC authority would be established to streamline projects in a smooth manner.