Govt to appoint new envoys at key overseas missions

ISLAMABAD: The federal government announced appointing “career diplomats” in important world capitals, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, doing away with “political appointments” in London, Washington and Riyadh.

The foreign minister, while briefing the media here, said that Nafees Zakaria would be the new Pakistani high commissioner to London, while Dr Asad Majeed will be appointed ambassador to the United States.
He, however, said the appointments will take some time, adding that the matter has already been discussed with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Qureshi further said Raja Ali Aijaz is going to be posted in Riyadh as the new ambassador.

He said that all appointments included “career diplomats.”

Hamid Asghar Khan will be appointed ambassador to Rabat and Shehryar Akbar Khan in Serbia, the minister said further.
He added that Sahibzada Ahmed Khan will discharge diplomatic responsibilities in Havana, whereas Ahmed Amjad Ali will be appointed consul general in Dubai.

‘UAE desires to establish oil refinery in Pakistan’

Qureshi further said a consensus was reached on increasing investment in the energy sector, adding that establishment of an LNG terminal was discussed during talks with United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities.
He said the government also held talks regarding provision of oil on deferred payment facility.
“The UAE has also expressed desire for establishment of an oil refinery in Pakistan, besides building an LNG terminal,” the minister said.

“Around 1.6 million Pakistanis are there in UAE, who send a whopping $4.3 billion in remittances to Pakistan,” he noted.

Qureshi said Pakistan wants to further promote its ties with the UAE and a delegation of major UAE companies has already been in Islamabad.