‘Govt should be prepared for any health emergency’

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the government requires to be fully prepared for any health emergency in the wake of global outbreak of deadly corona-virus.
Talking to journalists outside the Parliament House on Friday, he said the families of the Pakistani students and other citizens stranded in China were worried about the health condition of their loves ones.
The government, he added, should ensure the direct contacts of the students with their families if it had decided not to repatriate them from China. He said the Pakistani nation was standing with Chinese government and people in this difficult time. Talking about the economic situation, he said the person who was presented by the PTI as leading tax reformer went on long leave without brining any improvement in the Federal Board of Revenue.
He said the Supreme Court rightly expressed concern about the performance of the FBR. He said the bureau was far behind the tax collection targets which along with its own management issues also proved that the demands of the IMF were unjustified and could not be fulfilled in present circumstances. But, he added, the government was blindly following the directions of the lending agency and bent upon enslaving the nation. He said the flawed economic policy led to skyrocketing inflation and unemployment in past few months.
The JI chief said the rulers have failed to formulate a line of action for the support of Kashmir people who had been fighting the case of realization of Pakistan for seventy years.
Islamabad, he said, pinned its all hopes on the US President Donald Trump for the solution of Kashmir issue without even realizing for a moment that Washington was an ally of New Delhi and how it could go against its friend. Although the rulers had abounded the Kashmir cause but the nation was fully standing with their Kashmir brethren, he said, adding the people of Pakistan would express solidarity with full zeal and commitment with Kashmiris on February 5.