Govt employees’ minimum wage increased

ISLAMABAD: Following the approval of President Dr Arif Alvi, the federal government has increased minimum wages of the employees amid rising inflation in Pakistan.
A notification issued by the Ministry of Finance and Revenue said the minimum wage had been set at Rs32,000 per month.
Effective from July 1, 2023, all federal civil servants will be entitled to a minimum monthly salary of Rs32,000 per month. Furthermore, the government employees currently earning less than this new minimum wage will receive a special allowance to bridge the gap.
Earlier in November, the federal government increased the pay of government employees massively.
The minimum salary of MP-1 2017 employees was increased to Rs532,000 after a raise of Rs33,000. Moreover, the salary of MP-1 2023 employees raised by Rs47,850 to Rs 772,000.
Similarly, the salary of MP-2 2017 employees increased by Rs27,225 and reached Rs290,000 whereas the MP-2 2023 employees reached Rs421,000.
Furthermore, the salaries of MP-3 2017 officers were raised to Rs181,500 and MP-3 2023 officers’ salaries increased to Rs263,000. –Agencies