Govt asks communities to ease entry of service workers

BEIJING: All communities need to coordinate people’s living needs and the resumption of work for personnel in service industries, a senior official of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Saturday.
In response to the difficulties in entering communities for public service workers, such as deliverymen, maintenance workers and housekeepers, Chen Yueliang, a department director-general of the ministry, said all localities need to promote production and normal life while continuing the epidemic prevention and control.
High-risk areas should coordinate the needs of resumption of work and the living needs of residents, and should gradually adjust prevention and control strategies within communities, he said. Other areas, especially low-risk areas, should enhance verifying the health codes of personnel in service industries, who should be allowed to enter communities after registration and temperature check, he added.
“For those who deliberately forge health codes and evade inspections, local authorities should formulate punishment measures. Once such act is found, the violators should be severely punished according to law,” he said.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item