Govt accused of hiding virus protection gears

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Parliamentary Leader in Punjab Assembly, Syed Hassan Murtaza has said that the sugar thief government has also stolen coronavirus protection clothing in Punjab.
In a statement issued, Hassan Murtaza alleged that inflation and hoarding mafias are active and government is doing nothing except facilitating them.
It is failure of Niazi government to provide adequate security at airports despite presence of coronavirus pandemic in neighboring countries, he maintained. The government must answer who has stolen 33,000 special over-all clothing provided to Lahore’s 21 hospitals in 2017, he asked. Four thousands special masks, thirty three hundreds special glasses and seventy six hundreds shoe covers also disappeared, he accused. Taking a jab at PM Imran Khan, the PPP Parliamentary Leader said it looks new sewing machines are being purchased for Aleema Baji after selling special clothes. Gang of Bani Gala is now making money through corona after huge profiting in sugar.– Agencies