Gabonese doctor recalls unity in China’s virus combat


GUANGZHOU: Having worked in China for 17 years, Jean Christian Nzengue has witnessed China rolling out a nationwide mobilization in the face of a raging epidemic on more than one occasion.
The 46-year-old doctor from Gabon works at Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou, capital of south China’s Guangdong Province, as a thoracic, cardiac and breast surgery specialist.
When SARS broke out in 2002, Nzengue was a medical student in China. Looking back, he believes the experience gained from battling SARS contributed to China’s decisive acts to contain COVID-19.
“The government had developed basic strategies during the SARS epidemic, which became the solid base for the country to use in the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s amazing and they did a very good job.”
In January at the early stage of the outbreak, Nzengue and his family, like other residents in the city, received text messages from the government advising them to stay at home and avoid visiting others. – Agencies