Four-year-old sexual assault victim regains consciousness at Pims: Spokesman Dr Wasim

ISLAMABAD: The girl who was sexually assaulted a few days ago has regained consciousness and started talking to her parents and doctors at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims).

Pims spokesman Dr Wasim Khawaja said the condition of the four-year-old girl was far better but she was not in a position to give her statement to the police as she was still in a state of shock.

She has also started moving her hands and legs, he said, adding that doctors, especially child psychiatrists, were closely monitoring her condition.

Dr Khawaja said if doctors found her in a position to record her statement, police would be given access to her.

He said she was breathing normally as the condition of her lungs had improved but she was still on antibiotics.

He said the girl would be kept in the paediatric intensive care unit and doctors would take a decision to shift her to a ward.

When contacted, the girl’s father told media that she had started talking to them but was still in a state of shock.

“She only told us that she fell on a road and a man picked her,” the father said, adding the doctors had advised them not to ask questions about the incident.

Regarding the investigation, the father said he met the police officers, including SP City Mohammad Amir Khan Niazi, Subdivisional Police Officer Safir Bhatti and Bhara Kahu SHO.

They informed him that investigators were waiting for the forensic report to initiate further investigation, he said.

He said he was not satisfied with the police line of action.

A police officer close to the investigation told media that the investigators were collecting details of the suspects.

He said police were waiting for reports of forensic tests and DNA profiling which would help the investigators identify and trace the culprit.