Four Siberian tigers spotted in Heilongjiang

HARBIN: Four wild Siberian tigers have been spotted by infrared cameras in a national nature reserve in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province since March.
According to the images captured by the cameras, two Siberian tigers have already settled down in the reserve, while the other two have just crossed the border from Russia, Taipinggou National Nature Reserve in Luobei County said Monday.
It is reported that the nature reserve is an important channel for the migration of large mammals between China and Russia, as well as a key area for restoration of wild Siberian tiger population in the Lesser Khingan Mountains.
The nature reserve administration has been intensifying efforts to save the habitat for the wild animals, and a series of measures, such as returning cultivated land into forests and grasslands, have been taken.
Together with the China State Forestry Administration Feline Research Center, the reserve administration has set up infrared cameras to monitor the activities of the wild animals.
Siberian tigers, otherwise known as Amur or Manchurian tigers, mainly live in eastern Russia, northeast China and the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. An incomplete statistical observation shows there are only hundreds of them living in the wild.
Thanks to China’s environmental protection efforts in recent years, Siberian tigers are making more frequent appearances.
On March 24, Mao Lijie, a rice farmer, came across a Siberian tiger at Yalyuhe Farm, 400 km away from the nature reserve.
According to experts, tigers are at the top of the food chain. The tiger’s revival suggests that the food chain is complete in the reserve with forest resources being restored. – Agencies