'Form 46 found in tandoors': ECP issues clarification

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued a statement clarifying the ‘discovery’ of ‘election documents’ at Islamabad’s tandoors (flatbread shops), saying that the material that had been discovered was neither sensitive nor important.
The commission explained that the material — which was being used to wrap naan for customers before it was stumbled on by a reporter — was in fact instructional material which had been provided to schools and colleges for the training of staff tasked with election duties.
The material had been provided in large volumes and the schools it was provided to sold it off after finding no further use for it, the ECP explained.
The ECP also made clear that the material that is sensitive and important is safely stored in the commission’s “strong rooms”.
A few days ago, media reports had surfaced sounding the alarm that less than a month after elections had taken place, flatbread sellers in Islamabad were “using” Form 46 and other election material to wrap their bread in.