FO snubs Rajnath's 'provocative' remarks

By Our Diplomatic Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has condemned recent provocative statements made by Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during election rallies in Haryana.
In a statement on Tuesday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal said these provocative statements from a senior minister in the Indian government provide another insight into the BJP’s (BharatiyaJanata Party) mindset, a mix of extremist ideology, hegemonic ambitions, and obsession with Pakistan.
The spokesperson said Rajnath Singh should have no doubts that the security forces and people of Pakistan remain ready to resolutely defend the country against any evil design.
“We also reject the Indian Defence Minister’s gratuitous comments on help in counter-terrorism,” the Foreign Office added.
India would help itself by ceasing forthwith the state-terrorism it has been perpetrating for decades against the Kashmiri people in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the statement read.
The FO spokesperson said India must also cease its sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan.
Earlier in Oct, the Foreign Office had strongly rejected another comment of the Indian Defense Minister’s that Financial Action Task Force (FATF) may blacklist Islamabad at any time.
Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said the statement reinforces Pakistan’s concerns about India’s attempts to politicize the FATF proceedings to further its narrow partisan objectives. He said India’s incessant smear against Pakistan and blatant partisanship also call into question its credentials to be co-chair of the Asia-Pacific Joint Group that reviews Pakistan’s progress to implement the FATF Action Plan.