FO rejects BJP's anti-Pakistan tirade in election rallies

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan rejected allegations which India’s ruling party has been levelling during election campaign in Haryana and Maharashtra.

“The anti-Pakistan tirade of the BJP leadership has continued as the electoral process in the Indian States of Haryana and Maharashtra advanced,” said a statement issued by the Foreign Offfice.

The statement said allegations of Pakistan’s support to terrorism, drug smuggling has been repeatedly made during election rallies in recent days.

“Pakistan has been invoked repeatedly. Statements have been made regurgitating baseless allegations of Pakistan’s support to terrorism and drug smuggling, threatening stemming the flow of river water to Pakistan, and taking credit for Pakistan’s historic decision of opening of Kartarpur Corridor,” said the Foreign Office.

It asked whether the BJP rulers in India have anything else to sell to the electorate other than their hostility towards Pakistan.

“As we have repeatedly emphasized, the instrumental use of Pakistan for domestic political gains and electoral dividends must come to an end in India,” the Foreign Office said.