FO expresses concern over Kabul statement

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has expressed serious concerns over the statement of Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on cross-border firing by the Afghan military across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border on Tuesday.
The ministry would like to put the record straight that on 27th and 28th October, the Afghan military resorted to unprovoked mortar and heavy weapon firing on Pakistan military’s newly-established posts, which resulted into serious injuries to six Pakistan military soldiers, said a statement released by FO. As a positive gesture, Pakistan military proposed to resolve the issue of newly-established posts through Border Flag Meeting, joint survey of the area, and a local Jirga involving elders/Mashran from both the sides.
The Afghan side requested for forwarding the suggestions on joint survey and Jirga through diplomatic channels.
“The Afghan side has not responded to the proposal as yet. It is highly regrettable that despite mutual agreement on utilizing recognized channels of communication, Afghanistan has chosen to raise the issue through a media statement,” reads a statement.
“We expect that the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will respond to Pakistan’s proposals.
We consider the Pakistan-Afghanistan border as an internationally recognized official border between the two countries in accordance with all relevant international laws and conventions. The Afghan position on this issue is unwarranted, which should be avoided,” the statement further reads.
At least eleven people, including six Pakistan Army soldiers and five civilians, got wounded when Afghan security forces resorted to unprovoked firing from across the Afghan border on Tuesday.
According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the Afghan forces fired from the Nari district of the Kunar province, targeting the civilian population in Arundu village in Chitral.
The Pakistan Army responded effectively and targeted the Afghan border posts which engaged in the firing.