FM, Chairman IPO mull ways to protect IPR

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO) of Pakistan Ambassador Farukh Amil called on Minister of Foreign Affairs Bilawal Bhutto Zardari here on Friday.
According to details, during the meeting they discussed ways to strengthen the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Pakistan, necessity of accession to the international intellectual property treaties for economic empowerment and the creation of opportunity for Pakistan’s youth.
IPR refer to a set of legal rights that are granted to individuals or entities for the creations of their minds, such as in-ventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, and designs.
These rights include the exclusive rights to use, distribute, reproduce, sell, or license the creations for a specified peri-od of time, as well as the right to prevent others from doing the same without permission.
The main types of IPRs include patents for inventions, trademarks for symbols and names, copyrights for literary and artistic works, and trade secrets for confidential business information. These rights help to promote innovation and creativity by providing legal protection and financial incentives to creators and innovators, while also encouraging in-vestment in research and development. –Agencies