FM assures African nations of firm support

BEIJING: China is ready to stand together with its African brothers, including Ethiopia, till the defeat of COVID-19 in the African continent, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a phone talk with Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew.
Wang said that since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, Ethiopia has been voicing support for China’s fight against the epidemic. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is the first African leader to hold phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping to convey his support and sympathy, Wang said. With the spread of COVID-19 throughout Africa, Wang said, China has stepped up to offer multiple batches of supplies in active support to African nations’ combat against the pandemic.
The Ethiopian side has helped China greatly with supplies transfer and distribution, which shows Ethiopia’s leadership and sense of responsibility as a major African country and demonstrates the solidarity and coordination between China and Africa in the joint fight against the pandemic, Wang said.
Noting that China has been a trustworthy good friend and good partner of Ethiopia, Wang said that China has offered large quantities of urgently-needed supplies to Ethiopia through various channels and fully supported Ethiopia’s fight against the pandemic. The medical expert team sent by the Chinese government has finished its work in Ethiopia and received wide acclaims, Wang added.
The Chinese side believes that the Ethiopian side would ensure the health and the legitimate rights of Chinese workers in Ethiopia, Wang also said. China is willing to take the opportunity of the 50th anniversary of the China-Ethiopia diplomatic relationship this year to push the all-round cooperation between the two countries to higher levels, Wang said.
Wang pointed out that the China-Africa friendship has weathered the tests of vicissitudes in the international arena, saying that China’s friendly policy towards Africa has never changed and will never change.
In the fight against the pandemic, China and Africa need solidarity and mutual understanding more than ever, he said. He also said that some countries are trying to blame China for their own mishandling of the outbreak, adding that those moves will surely be resisted and opposed by the international community, African countries included.– Agencies